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First look at Lara Croft from the new Tomb Raider game powered by Unreal Engine 5

Crystal Dynamics has released a new image of the upcoming Tomb Raider game powered by Unreal Engine 5, introducing a new look for Lara Croft.


As you can see, the “new” Lara will be wearing her classic costume. This will definitely please a lot of Tomb Raider fans. Additionally, she looks like a mixture of Lara from the reboot series and the original Lara. In general, we have Lara Croft, except that the breast size does not reach the iconic look.

In 2022, Crystal Dynamics officially announced a new game in the Tomb Raider universe. Unfortunately, there is still little information about her. We only know that it is being created on Unreal Engine 5 and will probably only be released on current generation consoles and PCs. There are no specific dates yet.


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