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First look at one of the largest locations in the Russian MMO shooter Pioner



This year, the domestic game industry promises to please players with a truly large-scale post-apocalyptic shooter in the spirit of the cult STALKER, but with different gameplay guidelines. A project called Pioner from the GFA Games studio is scheduled for release this year, and in a new publication the developers want to introduce the size of the game world. The team behind the shooter has published a first look at the map of one of the largest Pioner locations.

According to comments from the developers, a map of “Middle Earth” was presented to the public. It has nothing in common with the famous books of John R. R. Tolkien, except for the similar name of the world. This will be one of four major Pioner locations, and its scale will pleasantly surprise players.


In the south of the location you can find the city of Tsemnogorsk. Found it? So here it is. In turn, the size of Tsemnogorsk is equal to or exceeds the size of Pripyat from the latest add-on to one game known to us. Such pies.


— GFA Games reported.


In a previous publication, Russian developers talked about the physics of bodies and equipment in Pioner. The shooter’s release date remains unknown.


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