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Former Dead Cells designer angry at studio’s decision to stop supporting the game

The news about the cessation of support for the popular game Dead Cells, released back in 2018, caused a strong reaction from one of its creators. This is due to the decision of the Motion Twin team and the Evil Empire studio, which together released four DLC and 18 updates, including a recent crossover with Castlevania, announced a transition to new projects.


This decision doesn’t come as much of a surprise: Dead Cells has been a huge success and has received excellent post-release support over the years. However, game designer and Motion Twin co-founder Sebastien Benard strongly disagrees with the decision. According to him, the Evil Empire team was actually “framed.”

In the official Dead Cells Discord server, Benard did not hide his indignation:

I would call this the most disgusting act against the game and Evil Empire. Knowing the real situation behind the scenes, I can honestly say that I am glad that I no longer have anything to do with this. The official statement is pure marketing bullshit. The reasons for the current situation are completely different.

I never thought that my former co-op studio would be so greedy. I wish Evil Empire success in future projects and hope that the people who worked there survive this sudden economic blow.

In the blog, Benard slammed Motion Twin’s strategy of “leaving people behind” and praised Evil Empire’s “genuine love for the franchise.”

Such accusations of greed and the designer’s choice of words are certainly surprising, given that Motion Twin was originally intended to be a worker cooperative. Apparently, Benan had a clear idea of ​​how the team should function.


Benard himself spent 19 years with Motion Twin and left it after the success of Dead Cells on not the best terms. Then he wrote that after the release he began prototyping new games, but his connections with the team “became increasingly tense” over time, and he eventually left the company in December 2019.



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