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Former Rockstar developer finally revealed the mystery of the three moons in GTA 3

A former Rockstar employee explained why the moon changes size in GTA 3.


The fact is that when you shoot at the moon with a sniper rifle, it increases or decreases in the game. This feature of GTA 3 always seemed strange, and until now no one knew why it was added.

Today the secret was revealed by Obbe Vermeil, ex-Rockstar North developer. On Twitter, he said that two of his colleagues wanted him to make the moon smaller, and two others wanted him to make it bigger.

Since the parties did not agree, Vermeil made three versions of the moon, which could be switched between. This way, the Rockstar developers could ultimately determine the size they needed. And since Vermeil was working on sniper rifles in GTA 3 at the time, he decided to tie the switch to moon shots.

The artists never returned to this issue, so I left everything as is.

Vermeil added that this feature is also present in San Andreas. In GTA 3 it is more noticeable because it appeared for the first time in the series, and in San Andreas the change in the phases of the moon slightly masked the effect.


Vermeil noted that he had nothing to do with the changing phases of the moon in San Andreas. In addition, he revealed that for some reason the three sizes of the moon were retained in the remakes of GTA 3 and San Andreas. Perhaps someone at Rockstar decided to keep this feature as a tribute to tradition.

Last year, the developer already talked about cut content and other secrets of GTA, until he was forced to stop doing so at the request of Rockstar. In particular, he revealed information about a zombie game that the studio was once working on, but his former colleagues were unhappy with the leaks.


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