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Forza Motorsport: new details on Career, ray tracing and online races

From the latest video diary of the Forza Monthly series comes several information on Forza Motorsport , the new chapter of the series coming next year, with details  on  Career, ray tracing and online racing. Creative director Chris Esaki reports that the game will feature a renewed and more evolved Carrirera mode than in the past, capable of offering a much more structured single player experience.

As for competitive multiplayer activities. According to what Esaki reported, the online races will be structured in a  race weekend that will include Free Practice, Qualifying and the actual Race, which will allow you to test the circuits and plan strategies to be used during the race.

Finally, Esaki reiterated the use of real-time Ray Tracing in the race and the presence of variable weather in each track and a complete day / night cycle for all circuits. We remind you that Forza Motorsport will be available in  the spring of 2023  on PC and Xbox Series X / S, with landing on day one in the Xbox and PC Game Pass catalog.



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