Free Delta game emulator for iPhone available in the App Store

The Delta emulator is officially available in the App Store – completely free. You will be able to find it in the official Apple store in many countries outside the European Union. If you live in the EU, it should be available in the new third-party app marketplace AltStore PAL, which has just gone live.


It’s the first officially approved iPhone gaming emulator since Apple started allowing them, allowing emulation of a wide range of consoles, from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the Nintendo 64 (and even the Sega Genesis).


Delta developer Riley Testut told The Verge that the app is identical to the version debuting on AltStore PAL. The application has on-screen buttons that change their location and appearance in accordance with the emulated system.


It also supports Bluetooth controllers, such as the Xbox One Series S or PS5 controllers, and allows you to customize their layout or install additional buttons for features like quick saves (essentially allowing you to pause the game at any time and load it from that point later ) or fast forward through unskippable cutscenes or an endless stream of opening logos in older games.

Delta works with some of Nintendo’s quirky input methods, such as the gyroscope in WarioWare: Twisted! or microphone control in Nintendo DS games such as Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.


Delta has other features too, such as automatically retrieving covers for your games and the ability to customize those covers using the built-in database or your own images, and users can import controller skins or create their own. The app also supports multiplayer for NES, SNES and N64 (up to four players), as well as AirPlay streaming.


A small number of other emulators beat Delta, including an emulator called iGBA, which directly copied Testut’s GBA4iOS code, and an NES emulator called Bimmy. However, both were short-lived: Apple removed iGBA due to spam and violations of the App Store’s copyright rules, and developer Bimmy became fearful in light of Nintendo’s recent crackdown on emulators.


It is noteworthy that the Testuta application is not new. It released Delta 1.0 back in 2019 along with its original AltStore as a jailbreak alternative. This means the app has already gone through five years of feature iterations and bug fixes, so it’s likely to be one of the most polished yet.

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