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Free Silent Hill: The Short Message has been downloaded over a million times

Konami boasted of the success of Silent Hill: The Short Message, a free game based on the Silent Hill franchise. The title was released on January 31 on PlayStation 5 and in just five days surpassed the million download mark.


The plot of The Short Message is about a girl named Anita. Following strange messages from her friend Maya, she finds herself in an abandoned apartment building where a huge number of suicides have occurred. And, of course, he faces grotesque monsters.

Silent Hill: The Short Message is the first, but not the last, new game in the universe to be developed by Konami. Producer Motoi Okamoto noted that initially this was an experimental project for young developers who were fans of the series. But in the end it turned out to be a full-fledged short story with elements of social networks.


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