From Tuğçe to his father, who was injured in the accident: Do not drive again, do not buy a new car

In the accident that occurred in the head-on collision of 2 cars in Erzurum, 1 person died and 5 people were injured. Tuğçe (8), who could not get over her fear, called out to her father, Faruk Önder, who was injured in the accident, “Dad, dad, don’t drive again, don’t buy a new car.”

The Accident took place in the Üçköşe locality of Aziziye district at around 15.30 yesterday. The car with the license plate 25 ED 745, driven by Hasan Çiçek (71), going from Rize direction to Erzurum , collided head-on with the vehicle with the plate number 25 DM 937, led by Faruk Önder (43) coming from the opposite direction. In the accident, Muzaffer Çağıl (85), who was in the car that Çiçek was driving, lost his life. Hasan Çiçek, who was injured, was in the driver’s seat, while the driver of the other car, Faruk Önder, and his wife Songül Önder (42), their children Tuğçe Önder and Atahan Önder (2), waited for the ambulance to arrive next to their vehicle.


Father Faruk Önder, who was slightly injured in the accident, came to his wife and children. Tuğçe Önder, who was sitting on the side of the road next to her mother and was terrified in the accident, called out to her father, “Dad, don’t drive again, don’t buy a new car.” Father Önder said to his daughter “OK”.

Hasan Çiçek Was Taken To Atatürk University Research Hospital and Önder family was taken to City Hospital as a precautionary measure by ambulance arriving at the accident site . It was learned that the health status of the injured was good.


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