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FromSoftware boss wants to create more games on the scale of Elden Ring – if they let him

FromSoftware CEO Hidetaka Miyazaki would like to make more games on the same scale as Elden Ring.



In an interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Miyazaki answered “Yes, I do” when asked if he plans to continue creating games of the same scope.


I can’t say for sure whether this will happen in the near future, but if I get the green light, I’ll definitely try it. Our team and everyone else probably feels the same way, but we want to take advantage of the experience we’ve gained working on Elden Ring. And first of all, creating huge worlds and adventures is very exciting and inspiring.



These comments from Miyazaki are interesting, especially in light of his recent confirmation that the team currently has no plans for a second DLC or Elden Ring sequel, although such a possibility has not been ruled out. From these two statements, we can conclude that although development of Elden Ring will soon be completely completed with the release of DLC on June 21, the experience has awakened FromSoftware’s desire to make more similar games.


Elden Ring is undoubtedly FromSoftware’s biggest game to date (not counting Armored Core 6 with its linearity and shorter length) and one of the largest open-world action games of recent years. This was a significant step in a new direction for the studio after games like Sekiro and Dark Souls 3. The only question is, can the studio create new vast worlds quickly enough?


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