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Future AMD graphics cards will focus on ray tracing

According to the latest rumors, AMD has plans to address the currently lagging ray tracing performance in future graphics cards. The company has done a great job with traditional 3D graphics performance, but while ray tracing has improved in the latest AMD GPUs, they still lag behind Nvidia’s new solutions in this advanced lighting technique. True, you’ll have to wait.


The latest video from popular YouTube insider Moore’s Law is Dead touches on AMD’s ray tracing performance, and it appears the company is planning to fix things with its next-generation GPU architecture. However, these changes will apparently be in the AMD RDNA 5 architecture, and not in the upcoming RDNA 4 architecture.

It looks like RDNA 5 will be the one to really take ray tracing seriously from what I’m hearing. I can’t really quantify that yet, so I’ll just let you know that the company is seriously focusing on ray tracing performance.

This isn’t the first time AMD has pointed to a solution to ray tracing lag in the future. In an interview with Club 386, AMD graphics chief Scott Herkelman admitted:

We just have to make upgrades in future generations to ensure the architecture is correct for efficient ray tracing.


Meanwhile, there is talk that AMD will not release flagship graphics on RDNA 4 at all – AMD will focus on delivering high performance in the $500 range. Previous rumors suggested the RTX 4080 performance of the new Radeon RX 8000 for just half the price, and Moore’s Law is Dead claims this card should deliver “30% more performance for $500,” comparing that to the RTX 4070 Ti Super, but at $300 cheaper.



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