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Game download speeds will increase on Xbox Series consoles

Members of the Xbox Insider program have access to the latest system firmware update. The main change of the patch was the optimization of the network connection, thanks to which games and other content will download faster.


In this case we are talking about the download speed during the game. Previously, if you were playing and downloading something at the same time, the speed was quite slow. The latest patch is designed to solve this shortcoming. The change only applies to Xbox Series X|S.

The first user tests showed that download speeds actually increased with the game running . A player under the nickname Idle Sloth notes that previously, with the game in the background, the speed was 40-80 Mbit/s. Now the figure has increased to 250-380 Mbit/s.

The public version of the Xbox Series X|S system update is expected in the coming months.


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