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Gameplay videos of Dragon’s Dogma 2 with professions: Sorcerer, Archer, Fighter, Mage, Warrior, Thief and a couple of others

Over the past couple of weeks, Capcom has released a set of short Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay videos, showing off almost every available class.



In these videos you can see the Sorcerer, Archer, Fighter, Mage, Warrior and Thief. Also featured for the first time is the Magic Archer profession, which excels in long-range combat with magical arrows. And finally we see the new Mystic Spearman class, combining melee and magic.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a single-player action RPG with a focus on story. Here you have to make a lot of choices: what the character will look like, his profession, who will join the squad, how you will go through different parts. The game uses the RE Engine and promises excellent physics and smart opponents. And since the RE Engine is so efficient, we can assume that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will run smoothly even on modest PCs.



In November 2023, Capcom presented the official system requirements for PC . According to the specifications, the game will support some ray tracing effects. However, it is not yet known what effects they will improve – perhaps reflections and shadows.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 releases March 22 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.


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