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Gamers8, behind the scenes of the event in Saudi Arabia

Simone Ungaro, among the referees of the Rainbow Six Siege event, told us some background on Gamers8.

An event that inevitably attracted a lot of attention. Gamers8 , a festival conceived by the creators of Gamers Without Borders, is about to end. At the center of the scene were esports and video games, while the competitions were staged at the Boulevard Riyadh City in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. For the occasion, a series of invitations were distributed to the best world organizations. Four, however, the titles chosen for the competitions: Fortnite, Dota 2, Rocket League, Pubg Mobile and Rainbow Six Siege . To triumph in the Ubisoft home video game trophy, the Bds of Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu, who in the final knocked out Team Falcons (Saudi organization, ed) for three maps to zero.Meanwhile, an Italian was among the protagonists of the Siege event. His name is Simone Ungaro and he told us a series of details


Simone, let’s start from the beginning: what is Gamers8?

“Gamers8 is organized by the Saudi government through Safei and Savy Gaming Group, the subsidiary that has owned ESL and Faceit since the beginning of the year. The location chosen is that of the Boulevard Riyadh City, a huge complex in which there are various types of attractions, both gaming and classic (amusement park-style games, ed). The event itself was managed by ESL and not by Faceit. Thanks to the money invested in the project, they managed to create a unique experience for the players ”.

What was your role in the event instead?

“I played the role of referee for Rainbow Six Siege. In particular, our task was to help the players in the PC setup and then to monitor the competition. During all the matches of Team Falcon, an organization financed by the Saudi government, the head of Safei was also present. There was only one flaw for Siege: the stands were full only with the local team. I must say that during the matches it is likely that the opposing teams felt the pressure of the super partes public for the Falcon, who had a supporters organized just like a stadium curve and an ultras leader who managed the group with the choirs. The Lan of Siege and all the other games were played in the theater, where a huge stage was built to accommodate many players (mainly due to Fortnite and Pubg). For Rainbow Six we had the main stage for streaming A and also a second area where the matches for streaming B took place ”.

Have any critical issues emerged or did everything go the right way?

“Everything went well, there were no problems. The players were also happy with the event. For the issue related to women, I saw a tweet about it, in our staff we had several women both between player managers and in the TV crew. Among the talents, however, no, there were no women. At least not for Rainbow Six. I don’t know what this is due to ”.


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