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GamesVoice will not provide voice acting for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – CD Projekt considers third-party dubbing “objectionable”


It appears that the add– on for Cyberpunk 2077, called” Phantom Liberty,” won’t feature Russian voice amusementrather, it’ll only include a restatement of the textbook. GamesVoice plantresponsible for Russian dubbing in the history, has verified that they won’t be involved in furnishing Russian voice acting for this particular add– on.


The plant‘s decision not to share in the Russian voice acting for” Phantom Liberty” seems to be told by enterprises that the crucial actors who had preliminarily worked on styling Cyberpunk 2077 might refuse due to being agreements that regulate third- party conditioning. They sought discussion with CD Projekt RED regarding this issue, but their action was considered” undesirable” by the inventorsupposedly because the design was viewed as having a strong marketable focus.

CD Projekt RED’s localization director stated that the finances needed to dub this add– on would be exceptionally high, as it contains a substantial number of sound linesAccordingly, the cost would far exceed a reasonable quantum.

GamesVoice expressed the possibility that CD Projekt RED may have misknew the nature of their workstill, without at least implicit blessing from the inventor, they can not do with localization in the manner they ask also, GamesVoice stated that they’ve no information about CD Projekt’s own plans for Russian dubbing and declined to note on any rumors or enterprises.


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