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GamesVoice studio presented a major update for the Russian voice acting of Hogwarts Legacy

GamesVoice studio announces a major update to the Russian voice acting for Hogwarts Legacy. In the new version, missing lines were added, subtitles were improved, broken phrases of minor characters were corrected, and logical inconsistencies were eliminated.



This is only the first of the planned patches. We will continue to study your feedback and bug reports (for which we thank everyone very much!) and improve localization. If there is new content for the game in the future, we will announce it too.

The team began work on dubbing at the beginning of 2023 and managed to raise 1.9 million rubles for this. The Russian localization involved 143 actors (versus 48 in the original), and this is one of the studio’s largest projects in terms of this indicator. The studio is currently preparing several more projects for release.


You can download the Russian voice acting directly from our website, where fast downloading via torrent is available.


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