Gas flow to Europe from Nord Stream 1 pipeline drops to 20 percent

Gascade, the German natural gas distribution company, announced that the gas flow from Russia to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline decreased from 40 percent to 20 percent.

The gas crisis that broke out with the start of the Ukraine-Russia war in Europe Continues In a written statement made by the German natural gas distribution company Gascade, it was announced that the gas flow from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline from Russia decreased from 40 percent to 20 percent. “As of 27.07.2027 at 08:00, gas flow from Nord Stream 1 is provided in a way that corresponds to 20 percent of the maximum value,” the statement said.
Gazprom announced on Monday (July 25th) that due to repair work on turbine engines, pipeline shipments will decrease from 67 million cubic meters to around 33 million cubic meters. Germany In the statement made by the Ministry of Economy, it was pointed out that the reason for the repair did not reflect the truth and that the decision to reduce the gas flow was taken for political reasons.


The Moscow administration cites technical problems for the interruption in gas flow. The European Union (EU) accuses Russia of “using energy as a weapon” and “blackmailing” in response to the sanctions imposed on Russia for its attacks on Ukraine. Russia, the world’s largest gas exporter, denies the West’s accusations that it uses energy resources as a means of pressure, expressing that it is a reliable energy supplier. Starting from Russia, the pipeline reaches under the Baltic Sea to Greifswald, Germany.


On July 11, Russia cut off the gas flow to Germany via Nord Stream 1, announcing that one of its gas turbines would be undergoing a 10-day maintenance. On July 21, it was stated that the maintenance work was completed and gas flow to Europe resumed. Citing the gas turbine crisis that started in June, 67 million cubic meters of gas, equivalent to 40 percent of its capacity, was pumped through the gas pipeline, which had a gas pumping volume of 160 million cubic meters per day.


of gas flow from Russia also affected natural gas prices in Europe. Gas prices in Europe hit the highest level since March after the gas flow was reduced. The August gas futures contract price, traded on the Netherlands-based virtual gas trading hub TTF, exceeded 227.5 euros ($230.6) per megawatt-hour. Gas prices in Europe have more than tripled this year.



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