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Gears of War could also be released on PlayStation

After numerous rumors that Microsoft is considering releasing several exclusive Xbox games on PlayStation, insider Jeff Grubb reported that the cult shooter Gears of War is also included in the negotiations.


For many years, Gears of War has been associated with the Xbox brand. Muscular heroes and dynamic gameplay have become a kind of mascots for the console. Therefore, the news of a possible multi-platform release is shocking, especially to ardent fans.

Grubb announced the information on his Game Mess Morning podcast :

The release of Gears of War on PlayStation is definitely being discussed.

He added that there is no final decision yet, but the very fact of discussing such a key game for Xbox indicates global changes in Microsoft’s strategy.

Previously, talk was mainly about porting Bethesda games like Starfield and Indiana Jones to PS5. Sea of ​​Thieves and Rare’s Hi-Fi Rush were also mentioned. But interest in Gears of War suggests that perhaps all Xbox exclusives without exception will now become cross-platform.


It is unclear whether Microsoft plans to release full-fledged new parts of Gears on the PlayStation or will limit itself to the old ones. Considering that a sequel to the shooter has not been announced since 2019, any specific plans point to a full transition to a multi-platform.

Such a move is logical after the takeover of Activision-Blizzard and other studios for $70 billion. To recoup such investments, you need to reach the maximum audience, and PlayStation has more gamers than the Xbox brand.

However, the abandonment of the long-standing exclusivity policy will mark the end of an era for Xbox and will disappoint the loyal fans who have supported the platform since the days of the first Gears of War.


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