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Geek+’s valuation reached $2 billion, with an investment of $100 million

Intel Capital, Vertex Growth and Qingyue Capital joined the Geek+ startup’s $100 million investment round.

Robot technologies, which are seen as the future of the technology world, continue to develop day by day. Geek+ , which is one of the startups serving in this field , announced that it has received a new investment. According to the information provided by Geek+, the venture received an investment of $100 million in the E1 series investment round .


According to the information shared by Geek+, with the new investment of 100 million dollars, the valuation of the venture reached 2 billion dollars. Let’s add that Intel Capital , Vertex Growth and Qingyue Capital participated in the 100 million dollar investment round .

To remind you, Geek+ received a $200 million investment in the Series C investment round in June 2020 . Geek+, which received an investment last year, the financial details of which it did not disclose, has received a total investment of 540 million dollars , with the new investment of 100 million dollars .

According to the information conveyed by Geek+, the investment of 100 million dollars will be used for R&D studies as well as global growth. Founded in 2015 by Hongbo Li , Kai Liu , Xi Chen and Yong Zheng in China, Geek+ develops autonomous mobile robots for warehouse, factory and supply chain management.

Announcing that it has signed an important cooperation with Körber to open up to South America in the past , Geek+ aims to reach both Brazil and other South American countries with this cooperation. Let’s add that the Geek+ startup, which has grown quite rapidly , closed last year with $150 million in revenue and $300 million in orders .


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