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Geometry Survivor is a mixture of Geometry Wars and Vampire Survivors

If you like the gameplay style of Vampire Survivors, but visually you are not very attracted to their monsters, then you should pay attention to Geometry Wars. This is an upcoming roguelike that combines survival gameplay against waves of enemies, but with graphics similar to Geometry Wars.


Here you take on the role of a “ship”, unlocking upgrades to fight endlessly advancing enemies. The release on Steam is scheduled for February 22.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect from Geometry Survivor:

  • One-handed control: only control the direction of your ship

  • Auto-fire: The weapon fires automatically, you focus only on survival

  • Weapons: each race has a unique combination of weapons

  • Points: Earn credits to unlock upgrades

  • Enemies: Lots of enemies with different behavior

  • Retro visuals and music from the 80s

And the other day another car shooter was released , but in the Deep Rock Galactic universe – for those who like to play as dwarves.



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