Giant aneurysm removed with 3D technique


A life-saving intervention at the Niguarda hospital in Milan . A young 24-year-old from Veneto underwent a surgical operation to remove a large aneurysm in the brain . She was 4cm with a very high risk of breaking. The alarm bell was a severe headache. The surgery lasted 7 hours with the use of a 3D surgical exoscope . The patient was discharged 10 days after the successful operation.

The young Venetian girl discovered the existence of the giant brain aneurysm following the investigations made for the severe headache she suffered from. Being a carotid aneurysm, the Venetian doctors could not operate surgically. It would have served the endovascular closure of the artery, which in fact would have caused the patient’s paralysis on the left side of the body . So they turned to the Niguarda in Milan. Seven hours for temporary carotid closure, ruling out the aneurysm and rebuilding cerebral vessels.


The specific difficulty of this case was represented by the need to preserve the flow in the anterior chorionic artery, which arose directly from the aneurysm sac, the interruption of which was responsible for the temporary paralysis suffered by Anna during the trial test.

Marco Cenzato, Director of Neurosurgery


To exclude the aneurysm from the circulation, we applied some “clips” using the surgical exoscope: a camera connected to a high resolution 4K and 3D screen that allows a higher definition than the traditional surgical microscope.

Davide Boeris, neurosurgeon of the team

This is mainly due to the exoscope that allows you to view an operating field of 1 cm on a 55-inch monitor without loss of resolution. Neurosurgeons can operate standing in front of the screen without bending over a microscope.

  • Life-saving surgery at Niguarda: giant aneurysm removed with 3D technique (


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