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God of War TV series: will Dave Bautista be Kratos? The actor comments on the idea


Sony has formalized the development of the TV series on  God of War , the famous videogame series will be produced in collaboration with  Amazon Prime Video and will be a live action adaptation. At this point, many are wondering who will play Kratos.

In these hours, the names brought up by fans have been many, but one in particular seems to have convinced most fans. This is the American actor and ex-wrestler Dave Bautista who actually seems to have all the credentials to play the protagonist of the Santa Monica series. Urged on the matter by a video launched by Comicbook, the actor replied that he would be willing to accept this new challenge, without however dwelling too much on it.

According to the opinion of the people, [in front of me] there would be practically everyone else. But hey, I love showing people I  ‘m wrong , ”the actor said.

In short, it seems that the Drax actor would undoubtedly be happy to be able to play  Kratos in the God of War  television series  , to the delight of those fans who hope that Sony can actually turn the desire of the famous Hollywood actor into reality. 




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