Golden butterfly phenomenon: that’s what it is


In Liguria, near Lerici, in a wood on the Caprione promontory you can witness the golden butterfly which is a fascinating luminous phenomenon in summer. It is a butterfly-shaped figure on a phallus-shaped megalith. It happens at sunset when the sun’s rays cross the “tetralithon”, a structure made up of four worked rocks. The “tetralithon” was assembled by man in the 7th millennium BC to bring about the transition to a new season.

When can you see this particular show? During the six days between the summer solstice (21 June) the phenomenon is more vivid. It can also be seen in a less obvious way from May 25th to July 29th. The show occurs between 8 and 8:40 pm. The formation of the golden butterfly figure is influenced by many factors: the presence of clouds and tree branches around the tetralite. A show that gives great emotion and a profound peace with oneself. The discovery of this phenomenon dates back to the late nineties when Professor Enrico Calzolari passed by chance on the place where the tetralite arises. He immediately understood that it was a megalith and not a natural rock formation.

To reach the place you have to take the provincial road that leads from Romito Magra to Lerici. Then in the locality Guercio you will find the signs for the San Lorenzo Mountains and to see the golden butterfly. The car must be parked on the provincial road and then walk up to the San Lorenzo Mountains. The route lasts twenty minutes through an asphalt climb that winds through the woods. Then you take a dirt road up to the remains of the church of San Lorenzo. Then along a downhill path, after twenty meters you arrive on the right at the tetralite. To visit the golden butterfly, it is better to choose midweek days, avoiding cloudy days.

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