Google Meet is preparing to support music, YouTube videos and games


With Google Duo preparing to be part of Google Meet, it seems that the company also wants to prepare to better support the world of gaming, with a feature that should be useful in many cases, as we are talking about a transition from work purposes. to a video call app designed for everyone, ready to integrate with third-party services.

As explained by the pages of 9to5google that analyzed the APK, Google is thinking about the live sharing of apps within the call, with various features that will apparently allow you to watch videos on YouTube and play music while also playing different titles with the their friends and acquaintances, with news coming also on the business side.

While some assets have been unearthed and have anticipated the use of some icons, there is also talk of the possibility that obviously the service will evolve over time, while the union with Duo proceeds and will certainly be concluded in a short time.

It seems that at the beginning everything will be available only on Android , although after the first tests we could see the company further support the novelty in question, implementing it more for other platforms.




  • Google Meet could be working to bring team chat to your favorite Android games (


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