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Google photos renames the archive to “hidden”


The archive is now called “hidden” , and hidden photos will continue to show up in albums and search results, and you can always find the Hidden folder in the Library view.

Opening a photo and swiping up to the overflow menu now shows a simple “Hide” button instead of “Move to Archive”, meanwhile, the Library tab folder changes from “Archive” to “Hidden” ”With a new“ bar across the eye ”icon, but despite the change, there are no other changes to its functionality.

Overall, this is a simple renaming of one of the more useful features of the Google Photos app, with most end users probably more familiar with seeing the word “hidden” rather than “archive”, as it is easier to find. understanding.

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  • Google Photos renaming ‘Archive’ to ‘Hidden’ as Android shows on-device file location (9to5Google)


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