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Google Pixel 6a: the teardown shows excellent possibilities for repair

The new Pixel 6a has undergone the teardown treatment before it’s even released to the public as the launch is scheduled for later this week.


The tireless PBK disassembler used the weekend to take apart a Pixel 6a and gave it a very good repairability score of 7/10 , better than the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s 5.5 / 10 score due to its smaller components. difficult to detach like the battery unit. The battery came out very easily as, thankfully, its center was not glued as well as on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, furthermore, Google uses clips to secure the display instead of a copious amount of just adhesive and the panel can also be removed with relative ease.

The phones feature a “3D thermoformed composite” plastic back that can also be peeled off and that means the Pixel 6a is a fairly durable phone, unlike most glass phones today. The only downside in terms of repairability is the USB-C charging port which is soldered to the motherboard along with Google’s Tensor chipset and all other accessories, so if it breaks it may be difficult to fix easily.

Google, however, recently partnered with iFixit to supply genuine replacement parts and repair schemes that are supposed to make repairing a Pixel 6a cheaper and easier, in an effort to prevent any warrant stemming from the recent approval of the Law on Security. right of reparation.

Unfortunately, the teardown began with some debris found in the brand new Google Pixel 6a packaging and some scratches on the plastic rear bezel and camera lens. Hopefully, such incidents won’t happen to early adopters on a regular basis, as they would once again indicate omissions in quality control by the assembly partners that Google works with on its Pixel phones.

  • New Pixel 6a get a good repair score yet Google’s quality control may be amiss (PhoneArena)


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