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Gotham Knights: new trailer dedicated to Batgirl from San Diego Comic Con

Gotham Knights returns to show itself at San Diego Comic Con with a new trailer dedicated to Batgirl, one of the four playable characters belonging to the batfamily. The footage below shows Batgirl in action as she unleashes a whole host of combos , skills, gadgets and other special weapons.

Highly trained fighter and expert coder and computer hacker, Batgirl will be able to rely on her signature weapon, the tonfa, along with a ferocious combination of kickboxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu, to take down powerful enemies, even double her size. Gotham City may have lost its executioner, but Batgirl appears to be more determined than ever to take her place and keep the city safe. The video also reminds us that by pre-ordering Gotham Knights we can get the 233 Kustom skin for the Batcycle.

Announced on the occasion of DC Fandome 2020,  Gotham Knights  will allow us to take control of four heroes, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Redhood. We will be able to play both in single player and in two-player cooperative and face the missions against the Court of Owls.

We remind you that Gotham Knights will be available from 25 October 2022  on PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5.



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