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Gotham Knights will host the biggest Gotham City ever


Gotham Knights will host the largest Gotham City ever made in a video game. The development team revealed it during an interview with Game Informer.

Executive producer Fleur Marty has confirmed that this is the largest version of Gotham ever made for the franchise. According to the manufacturer, the development team is particularly focused on density and verticality with good map layering. To confirm what Marty said, director Geoff Ellenor also spoke. 

I haven’t put one map on top of the other, but our Gotham is a huge space. I tend to spend a lot of the Zoom calls on the Batcycle while driving around Gotham. It is one of the fastest and most relaxing ways to get around the city. The impression it gives you is of a great place.

Marty and Ellenor have stated that they have been very careful not to make a large and empty map, so we can expect several points of interest scattered around the map, with the possibility of visiting some buildings from inside as well.

Gotham Knights will be available starting October 25 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Recall that the PS4 and Xbox One versions have been canceled.

  • Gotham Knights is bigger than Batman: Arkham Knight (


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