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Gran Turismo could become a movie and not a TV series, according to Deadline


Gran Turismo will become a movie and not a TV series, according to a new report from Deadline. For the uninitiated, yesterday Sony announced that it has approved three new projects currently in production at PlayStation Productions, its division dedicated to film and television adaptations of the big PlayStation IPs. The first two projects concern the production of the Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War TV series and the third, instead, concerns the adaptation of Gran Turismo, which was initially thought to be a TV series. Now the possibility emerges that this project may actually be a film adaptation.

In fact, according to what reported by Deadline, Sony intends to make a film on Gran Turismo with Neill Blomkamp , ​​the director of District 9, to direct. As far as we know, this is a possibility that certainly cannot be ruled out. Moreover, yesterday Sony did not announce a publisher for the product dedicated to Gran Turismo, unlike what was done with the adaptations dedicated to Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, co-produced with Netflix and Prime Video respectively.

The fact is that at the moment there have not yet been any official communications on the part of Sony and, although the source is believed to be reliable, we remind you that the information reported still remains indiscretions. We therefore look forward to further updates on the new adaptation of Gran Turismo.



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