Green Pass with third dose that can be bought on Telegram for 300 euros, 25 under investigation in Italy


Recent searches throughout Italy are shedding light on recent scandals in the country. We are once again talking about fake Green Passes , a scourge that continues to be carried out by users who break the law and sell everything on the Telegram platform , at prices that are all in all also accessible. In fact, there are individuals who, in order to get vaccinated correctly or carry out swabs, by obtaining the Green Pass of the relative level, prefer to shell out sums of money and break the law to try to circumvent the Italian system.

This time we are talking specifically about a total of 25 suspects due to the false certification, with even some who would have used it in the workplace in order to be in compliance, even if not actually it, including two managers of a bakery , a restaurateur, a municipal employee and even a member of the police. There is also no shortage of minors who would have been “helped” by their parents with these fake Green Passes in order not to undergo the vaccine.

As reported in the pages of Repubblica , everything has been located for the moment in a total of 15 Italian provinces: Rome, Cremona, Aosta, Cosenza, Lucca, Caltanissetta, Agrigento, Palermo, Bologna, Olbia, Bari, Venice, Treviso, Mantua and Salerno. For only 300 euros to donate through cryptocurrencies, and for a copy of your health card, before everything was discovered and stopped in the shortest possible time, you had the opportunity to grab a Green Pass strengthened by the third dose with your data, which it was actually functioning.

Fortunately, everything has been stopped at the moment, even if this is not the first time we have to deal with situations of this type, given the many investigations already launched in the past.




  • Termini Imerese, fake green passes sold online for 300 euros: 25 investigated throughout Italy (Republic)


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