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GTA 6 developers criticized Rockstar Games for mandatory return to office

A new report has confirmed that Rockstar Games, entering the final stage of development of GTA 6, has required employees to work in the office 5 days a week since April, which has caused dissatisfaction among everyone without exception.



According to Bloomberg on February 28 , the decision to return to the office was made by the head of the publishing division, Jenn Colby. In a letter to staff, she explained that the motivation for this decision was to improve performance and security, especially in light of the massive GTA data leak in 2022. Colby also said that working in an office provided “tangible benefits.”


By taking these steps now, we’re putting ourselves in the best position to deliver the next GTA with the level of quality and polish that’s required of it, along with a release map that matches the scale and ambition of the game.



It sounds good, but in reality it didn’t convince anyone. On Twitter, developers from a variety of studios criticized the decision, calling the mandatory return to the office “nonsense.”


“This is essentially laying off remote employees and telling them to move or quit,” wrote a former Bungie employee. “The headline should be ‘Rockstar is laying off all remote workers,'” a Sucker Punch employee said.


And it’s not just the outsiders who are dissatisfied. According to a February 29 report from IGN , management’s decision is also being criticized within Rockstar. One developer anonymously said that remote work has become a “lifeline” for many, pointing out that Rockstar needs to “rethink its rash decisions and establish a dialogue with the team” to find solutions that work for everyone. Another anonymous employee expressed concern that due to overtime in the office, developers will spend less time with their families.


Moreover, the British game developers’ union IWGB, which includes employees of the Scottish Rockstar North, which is developing GTA 6, also criticized Rockstar’s decision to return everyone to the office. The organization’s chairman, Austin Kelmore, told IGN that management will “switch off” remote access technology on April 15, effectively forcing people to report to work under threat of being fired.


GTA 6 is scheduled for 2025 for PS5 and Xbox Series. A PC version has not yet been announced.


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