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GTA VI likely won’t release until April 2025 – Ubisoft expects positive impact from Rockstar release


Rockstar Games ‘ Grand Theft Auto VI may not be released until April 2025, according to Take-Two Interactive’s financial forecast.


During its quarterly earnings call, the company said it expects to generate revenue of more than $7 billion for the next fiscal year. This is below the previous forecast by $8 billionThus, the network suggests that the release of GTA VI could be internally shifted from the 2025 to 2026 fiscal year, which will cover the period from April 2025 to March 2026.

In response to investors’ questions about how a publisher decides when to release games like GTA VI, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick reiterated that Rockstar Games strives for excellence, and when it feels it has achieved the creative ideal, then it will release game _

He assured that both the developers and senior management have a financial incentive to ensure the project’s production is completed on time. Zelnick noted that there is a potential conflict between releasing a game and trying to achieve perfection, but Rockstar Games is leaning toward the latter.

In the conversation, Zelnick also mentioned that, in his opinion, anticipation for GTA VI is much higher than it was for GTA V , which has now sold 195 million copies. He added that the company does not undertake to make predictions about how GTA VI will turn out, but it is obvious that the anticipation for the game is very, very high.


Against this background, during his financial report, the head of Ubisoft Yves Guillemot, whose work includes drawing up plans that take into account large-scale game releases of competitors, said that they expect the appearance of GTA VI closer to the 2026 fiscal year, that is, no earlier than April 2025 year, and at the same time believes that the release of a new Rockstar game will have a positive impact on their business too .

Guillemot noted that in the company’s past observations, every time there is a major release like GTA, there is a surge in the industry, which has a positive effect on other games. According to him, when GTA V and GTA Online came out, each launch from Ubisoft brought good revenue and profit.

Officially, the release of Grand Theft Auto VI is announced for 2025. In accordance with what was written above, we can assume that the game will be released from April to December 2025.


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