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Hackers allegedly stole nearly 200 GB of internal Epic Games data

Updated. Representatives of Epic Games, in a conversation with VGC , stated that they could not confirm the fact of hacking and data leakage. Members of the Mogilevich group also did not contact the gaming company.



Original. The Australian resource Cyber Daily reported that Epic Games was subject to a hacker attack by the Mogilevich group. The latter claims to have stolen 189 GB of internal data from a gaming corporation.


According to the hackers, they have mailbox addresses, full names, payment information, source code and other data at their disposal. The Mogilevich group says it will sell the stolen data – to a third party or to an Epic Games employee.



Mogilevich set a deadline of March 4. At the same time, the group did not name the price it wants for the stolen Epic Games data, and also did not indicate what will happen to the materials after the appointed time if no one buys them.


At the time of writing, the Mogilevich group has not provided any actual evidence that it has successfully hacked Epic Games. The company itself has not made any statements.


According to Cyber Daily, the Mogilevich group is a relatively new entity. Epic Games became their fourth victim. Previously, hackers broke into the servers of Infiniti USA, a division of Nissan.


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