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Head of Sony: Multi-platform releases will help improve our performance

Sony CEO Hiroki Totoki spoke to investors and talked about the company’s future strategy. As it turns out, the entrepreneur wants to “aggressively improve performance,” and a “multi-platform” will play an important role in this.


At the same time, Hiroki separately clarified that by “multi-platform” he means titles released on PC and PlayStation, bypassing Xbox and Switch.

Personally, I believe there is room to improve margins, so I would like to actively work to improve our performance. One way to do this is to make more money from PlayStation Studios games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and God of War: Ragnarok.

In the past, we aimed to popularize consoles, and the main goal of our games was to make the console popular. This is true, but we need to remember the synergies. If we have strong content – not just on our console but also on other platforms like PC – then the game [can] see better growth through a multi-platform release and that can help improve operating profit, so that’s another a point we want to actively work on.

In 2022, PlayStation Studios head Hermann Hulst said that PC gamers would have to wait “at least a year” for Sony console exclusives.


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