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Helldivers 2 player discovered a helmet that gives bonuses to movement speed and stamina

One Helldivers 2 player believes he has found a helmet that gives bonuses to movement speed and stamina, without any indication of the presence of such properties.



That player was streamer DatModz, who shared a tweet showcasing his discovery. As the streamer showed, the Trailblazer Scout helmet gives bonuses to the character’s movement speed and endurance when equipped.


This helmet increases the streamer’s movement speed by seven points and increases the amount of stamina from 116 to 119. At first glance this does not seem like a huge change, but do not forget that Helldivers 2 is a game in which the difference between life and death depends on very small details . For example, changing your movement speed can be the difference between being able to outrun a Terminide or be torn apart by it.


The Pioneer Scout Helmet is obtained on page seven of the Helldivers 2 Battle Pass, so you’ll need to invest a decent amount of Democracy and Medals to unlock it. Apparently the helmet should have a negative impact on overall armor rating, but this is not shown, leading DatModz to believe this may be a bug.


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