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Helldivers 2 players are expecting the appearance of mechs and factions from the original game

Helldivers 2 players are expecting some exciting new additions to the shooter soon, and they hope it involves mechs and the return of one of the factions.



The third-person shooter may have had its share of server and matchmaking issues, and some of them still need to be worked out to keep up with demand, but that hasn’t stopped Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead from looking for new ways to add variety to the gameplay. While the team’s main priority is to get as many people into the game as possible (they’ve already increased the player limit to 450,000), there are a couple of things we can expect.


As noted by Rock Paper Shotgun and The Loadout , it appears Arrowhead is planning to bring back the Illuminati faction from the first Helldivers for the sequel. This theory has not yet been confirmed, but is based on some in-game news broadcasts that mention things like “Illuminati spotted” – referring to the aforementioned enemy faction.



A more specific hint comes from developer Arrowhead. On the official Helldivers 2 Discord server, one of the developers gives an update on the status of the mechs in the game.


The bellows [have] been ready for some time. It’s just that now there are still people working on them who cannot help with problems on the servers.


The second part of the post definitely suggests that ‘Mechs may be coming to Helldivers 2 sooner rather than later.


With everything that’s been going on with Helldivers 2 lately, it’s hard to believe that this game came out just under two weeks ago. And even though many players are having trouble logging into servers, Helldivers 2 has already managed to beat Destiny 2 and Starfield to become the biggest launch from PlayStation or Xbox studios on PC.



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