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Helldivers 2 players discovered that alien bugs can crush each other

It turns out that in Helldivers 2 there is friendly fire not only between players, but also between enemies.


In Helldivers 2 you have to be very careful with your shots, landing and using orbital strikes – one wrong move and you could accidentally shoot your teammate. The same seems to apply to enemy Terminids, as shown in the video below.

“You have failed me for the last time.”
byu/Bruce_Tickles_Me inHelldivers

The player lures the beetle directly into the Titan’s fire, and, whether intentionally or not, it douses the attacking beetle with toxic goo, burning through the armor and killing it.

It turns out that some Helldivers 2 players are quietly developing friendly fire strategies. One commentator writes that if you encounter two Titans at once (which happens often), you can stand between them so that they pour their liquid on each other – if, of course, you manage to get out of the line of fire in time.


One commentator even claims that the Titans can be made to kill themselves. If you lure them close enough to a wall, and then climb onto that wall while they spit slime at you, some of it will “bounce off”, severely injuring or even killing them.

This all sounds promising, although you shouldn’t rely on this tactic alone. It’s not for nothing that you have weapons and stratagems.


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