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Helldivers 2 players have died over 10 million times defending the planet Mort from Automatons – and barely saved it

The campaign to defend the planet Mort from the advancing Automaton threat in Helldivers 2 has resulted in player deaths “more than 10 million times” in the last two days alone.



A message from the developers appeared yesterday in the Helldivers 2 Discord, presented on behalf of the “chief of the press service of the President of Super-Earth”:


Good evening. Over the past 48 hours, we have watched with alarm the defense unfolding on Morta. Today, I am pleased to inform the citizens of Super-Earth that Mort is still free [SUGGESTION: REJOICE].



This victory is entirely due to the heroism of the Helldivers [SUGGESTION: REJOICE], whose exploits and sacrifices in freeing Mort were incredible and countless. The defense hung in the balance, and every Helldiver played a decisive role. The Divers’ final stand on Mort was a display of patriotism the likes of which I have never seen.


The victory was not easy. More than 10 million of our finest heroes have tragically lost their lives [SUGGESTION: CRY] and I know I speak for all citizens in expressing my deepest gratitude for their sacrifice.


By comparison, a similar message on February 9, one day after the release of Helldivers 2, confirmed that “more than six million Helldivers” had “bravely and willingly given their lives in the name of Guided Democracy.” The number of players has grown greatly since then, but it is clear that the war is only escalating.


While you rejoice and weep, let me remind you that the Battle of Mort was a fairly high-profile event on the front of the war with the Automatons. It may look familiar as it is closely associated with the infamous planet Stream of Mercy, which fell earlier this week. However, the players at least managed to save Mort in the neighboring sector, even if the battle went on with varying success.


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