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Helldivers 2 players have had a lot of difficulty trying to complete the game alone

Helldivers 2 players will learn the hard way about the high difficulty threshold, especially if they try to complete missions alone.


Like the original game, Helldivers 2 can be surprisingly challenging. In your quest to end the Galactic War, your nameless Helldivers will be killed by bugs, robots, allied fire, orbital strikes and more. The already difficult gameplay becomes even worse when you try to complete the game alone.

While Helldivers 2’s missions are clearly designed to be played with other players who can assist you by using Stratagems and generally shooting things up, the game still gives solo players the chance to complete each mission alone. However, it is better not to do this, since Helldivers 2 is already difficult even with friends, let alone in single player.

While most Helldivers 2 players seem to have quickly learned that it’s best to play with friends or random players, those who have attempted to complete the game alone report experiencing surprising difficulty. The game’s subreddit is filled with threads where fans ask each other how they’re playing solo, and the general consensus is that it’s an incredibly difficult experience.

In one of these Reddit threads, user RudeInteraction8056 says that he finds it difficult to complete missions alone, even on the easiest difficulty.

However, a lot of Helldivers veterans don’t seem to have much trouble, so perhaps this is just surprising for newcomers to the series. Even taking into account the fact that it is easier for veterans, many solo players are calling for adding AI partners to the game to make it a little easier when they don’t want to play with real people.



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