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Helldivers 2 players mock fragile mechs and their manufacturer

After a hard-fought battle to free Tian Kuan from the forces of the Automatons, Helldivers 2 players have finally unlocked the mechs in the game. These huge machines were highly anticipated because we all thought they would revolutionize the fight against Super-Earth’s biggest and baddest enemies. Now that they’re here, players can’t stop making fun of how weak they are.



The post on the Helldivers 2 subreddit has already received over 1,600 comments and 19,000 upvotes, all discussing how terrible the mechs are.

Every gamer understands the need for something as powerful as fur to have drawbacks. However, this makes the stories of ridiculous destruction of furs and deaths from furs no less funny.



One of the most common experiences players share is their mechs, aptly called the EXO-45 Patriot Exosuit, exploding. And this happens when you hit the ground after the call, as you would do with any Stratagem.


In fact, it’s so common that players now try to aim their Stratagems around enemies to kill colossal Titans or Tanks.


Gamer Otrada writes:


That’s why I try to time the call for when there’s something worth killing nearby, and I at least get a short burst from the ship’s autocannon for my troubles.


Other players point out manufacturing flaws in these mechs.


If you turn too quickly and fire a missile the mech hits itself and dies, this happened twice to me and a friend tonight.


And it’s hilarious because it fits perfectly into the game’s universe.


Super-Earth touts these mechs as the saviors of humanity and their loyal Helldivers fighting for what is right. In reality, they are just another tool that has become easy and cheap to produce, so that scores of them can be thrown at the enemy to ensure victory through the sheer force of scrap metal and bodies. Iron-meat assaults, in short.


During the battle to unlock the mechs, many of them could be found abandoned on the planet Tian Kuan. While it’s not hard to see why, some players also point out the merits of the mechs.


User Vanayzan noted his positive experience:


One rocket in the leg breaks the armor and stops the attack. 2 seconds of concentrated machine gun fire will kill him. If they get close, the mech is fast enough to dodge. I can handle about 10 Chargers single-handedly with it, and that’s not counting the Chargers my team kills with their own weapons and stratagems.


In general, everything is going according to plan.


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