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Helldivers 2’s Ministry of Truth admitted to the flying bug hoax, but the game’s director said they “always believed in the possibility of their existence.”

The Helldivers 2 propaganda machine has been revved up again by the introduction of the game’s terrifying flying Terminid beetles, which the game’s creative director dismissed as “propaganda from bug sympathizers” when players first reported them.


Recently, when Helldivers 2 players first started posting screenshots of what looked like flying bugs, the game’s director dismissed it as “propaganda.” Just a few days later, when players fighting these same flying bugs proved these words false, the game’s official Twitter account joined in the propaganda by publishing an article from the Ministry of Truth.


The Ministry of Truth’s lie about the non-existence of flying bugs has been exposed… by the Ministry of Truth itself. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time “in history” that flying termids have been seen on the Helldivers’ world – the Ministry of Truth’s attempts to hide them from the citizens of Super-Earth have failed miserably.

Not missing out on the opportunity to act as the representative of the Ministry of Truth, Helldivers 2 game director Johan Pilested is back in action. In the two tweets below, Pilestead quickly clarifies that he has “always believed in the possibility of flying bugs.” A rather convenient clarification, considering that the director’s propaganda efforts collapsed only this week.

Somewhat worryingly, Pilestead also downplays players’ suspicions that flying bugs appeared in Helldivers 2 around the same time that the Terminid Control System was launched. This initiative was supposed to quarantine the bugs once and for all, but instead there were now new fronts to fight the bugs in the eastern part of the Galactic War Front.


Given the Director’s attempts to deflect suspicion, it’s almost guaranteed that the Terminid Control System will actually have something to do with the flying bugs. This isn’t the first time developer Arrowhead has turned the plot on its head – earlier this month, Game Master Joel paused the deployment of ‘Mechs when the production planet Tian Kuan was attacked by Automaton forces.

But there is also the Illuminati ahead – but that’s a different story.


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