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Henderson: Battlefield 2025 will have a class system, destructibility and a free-to-play battle royale

Journalist Tom Henderson revealed the first details of the next part of Battlefield, which is planned for release in October 2025. According to an insider, DICE’s new shooter will throw away the controversial decisions of 2042 and return to its roots.



The next Battlefield is expected to feature 64-player combat, the return of four classes, and a completely revamped destructibility system. The setting is modern (2025-2030) with an emphasis on current technology.


In addition, Battlefield 2025 will feature a free-to-play battle royale game from Ripple Effect Studios (formerly DICE LA, creators of BF Portal). According to Henderson, it is the brainchild of Battlefield general manager Byron Beede, who previously oversaw Call of Duty.



The battle royale will have two modes: the classic last man standing battle royale, as well as Gauntlet, in which teams will compete against each other to complete various tasks. The team with the fewest points is eliminated after the round.

The new Battlefield will also feature a story-driven campaign from Ridgeline Games, which its founder and creative director Marcus Leito recently left. He wrote that he left of his own free will, and the decision made was not easy.


As of 2021, production of the Battlefield franchise is overseen by Vince Zampella, boss of Respawn and Ripple Effect Studios. Recently, he was also put in charge of EA’s racing division.


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