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Henderson: Respawn is making Star Wars storyline hotly anticipated by fans

Journalist and insider Tom Henderson, responding to a user’s comment that EA still won’t make Battlefront III, said that Respawn Entertainment is preparing a story-driven single-player game based on Star Wars.


Henderson added that this is a title that fans have wanted for a long time. The journalist said that he would share more specific information when he collects more details. Whether this is about Battlefront III or something else is unknown.

It is known that Respawn Entertainment is making a threequel to Star Wars Jedi, and is also working on a first-person shooter and strategy game in the Star Wars universe. Apparently Henderson is talking about a shooter.

The shooter’s production is led by Peter Hirschmann, who has been working with the franchise for many years and also produced classic Battlefront titles.

The strategy is being developed by the Bit Reactor studio (veterans of XCOM and Civilization). Respawn is producing.


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