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Henderson: Respawn is working on a Mandalorian game

Insider Tom Henderson, who previously wrote that Respawn Entertainment is working on a long-awaited Star Wars game by fans, clarified that the studio is working on a title about The Mandalorian. Development is at an early stage.


According to the journalist, this is a first-person game. The action of the shooter will unfold during the domination of the Empire in the Galaxy. Players will catch criminals – living or dead – and receive rewards for them.

According to Henderson, the creative director of the Mandalorian title before leaving Respawn Entertainment was Mohammad Alavi, a veteran developer of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (and the mission “Not a Word in Russian”) and Modern Warfare 2 (2009). It is unknown who is currently in charge of the project. Alavi left the studio in 2022.

It is reported that the game about The Mandalorian will have a big emphasis on the hero’s mobility due to his jetpack. The player will be able not only to jump high, but to quickly move to the sides and perform an accelerated tackle on the ground.

Henderson’s sources describe the game as “highly fast-paced” and rewarding a reactive style of gameplay. For example, the player’s health will be restored primarily based on consecutive and quick kills.

Also, as the journalist writes, players of the title about The Mandalorian will have access to a wide arsenal of weapons and gadgets, including a grappling hook, a wrist rocket launcher, a visor for marking enemies, and so on.


It is expected that Respawn’s shooter will not be built in an open world – it will be a linear adventure, the events of which will unfold on various planets of the Star Wars universe.

Henderson’s sources said it will be at least another year or two before Respawn Entertainment’s Mandalorian game is released. It is unknown whether there will be multiplayer in it.



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