Hiatal hernia: what is best to avoid?


15% of the European population has troublesome symptoms due to a hiatal hernia . It is an inflammation of the stomach and esophagus that causes a part of the stomach to slide past the hiatus of the diaphragm. This causes the final section of the esophagus to swell and leads to worsening of symptoms related to the hiatus hernia.

To decrease the symptoms of a hiatal hernia, one must try to reduce excessive inflammation. Here, in the most serious forms, it must be limited and avoided:

  • coffee
  • chocolate
  • high-fat foods and fried foods
  • mint
  • alcohol
  • citrus fruits
  • foods rich in sugar
  • carbonated drinks
  • highly spiced foods
  • tomatoes
  • garlic and onion

Also, some locations need to be avoided . It matters to be attentive to your lifestyle and bad habits that can make symptoms worse.

  • avoid bending forward and compressing the abdomen immediately after eating
  • do situps
  • avoid wearing tight belts and clothing that is too tight which increases pressure on the abdomen
  • raise the head of the mattress by 20-30 cm, to have it higher than the body avoiding a return of gastric juices
  • eliminate too large meals, better small and frequent meals
  • eat slowly and chew well
  • avoid fruit and too many liquids after meals, so there is no excessive dilution of gastric juices
  • consume unsaturated fats such as Evo oil or seed oil instead of unsaturated fats in butter
  • limit smoking as much as possible
  • do not go to sleep immediately, wait at least two hours to promote digestion



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