His sister announced… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also caught coronavirus!

Claiming that there have been no cases in his country since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had to explain the truth when the North Koreans started getting sick one by one; He claimed that the coronavirus was transmitted to North Korea by South Koreans. According to the victory speech made yesterday, there is no trace of the so-called coronavirus in North Korea anymore. But a small detail in the ‘story’ also drew attention.

North Korea completely defeated the coronavirus epidemic with the statement made by the leader of the country, Kim Jong-Un , Yesterday!


According to the report of the state news agency KCNA, Kim Jong said, “The victory of our people is a historical event that once again shows the world the greatness of our state, the indomitable determination of our people and the beautiful national traditions that we are proud of . “

Claiming That There Was Not A Single Case In His Country And That The Disease Never Came To North Korea During The Process That Covid-19 has surrounded the whole world and caused the death of countless people, Kim Jong admitted the situation when his citizens started to get sick one by one due to ‘high fever’ in May. had to do.

Although Kim Jong had to admit to the coronavirus, he never called it the Coronavirus epidemic and said his country was grappling with an epidemic of ‘high fever’.

In the country, where millions of cases had to be announced in a few days, the epidemic ended in just one day, with Kim Jong’s statement.

His sister announced… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also got coronavirus




North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced that they had defeated the epidemic by saying, “We were born like the sun over the coronavirus .” The reason for this statement is that there has been no new Covid-19 case in the country for the last two weeks.

However, the fact that the epidemic emerged so late and that no one died due to the virus in the country, whose health infrastructure is not sufficient to combat Covid-19, was not found convincing in the world public opinion, and these statements were criticized.


Since May of this year, the country has reported about 4.8 million cases of ‘fever’ among its population of 26 million, but identified only a fraction of them as Covid, presumably due to public panic and lack of testing kits.

Experts consider North Korea’s low death rate and zero new cases since July 29 to be suspicious.

The country has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world, with poorly equipped hospitals, few intensive care units, and no Covid-19 treatment drugs or vaccines available.

His sister announced… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also got coronavirus

HIS Sister Confessed


Sister says Kim Jong-un was ‘seriously ill’ during North Korea Covid crisis

Kim Yo-jong said the regime leader had a ‘high fever’, a word used for coronavirus in the country.

Speaking at a meeting of health workers and scientists in Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un called for the easing of preventive measures, state media said today.

The regime described the officially reported 74 deaths from North Korea as an “unprecedented miracle in the history of the world health community”. This number is indeed far from convincing and closer to being a miracle…

Kim Jong’s influential sister, Kim Yo-jong, blamed South Korea’s propaganda leaflets flying over the border in balloons for the outbreak in the country and warned of “deadly” retaliation if Seoul failed to prevent activists from sending the leaflets.

His sister announced… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also got coronavirus



He also claimed that his brother had contracted the virus, saying he was among the tens of millions of North Koreans who had fallen to bed with a ‘fever’.

Kim Yo, who was named the next leader of North Korea, used the words of his brother, “Despite being seriously ill with a fever, he could not lie down for a moment thinking about the people he had to care for until the end in the face of the fight against the epidemic . “


The World Health Organization (WHO) said last month in its statement on North Korea that it believes the situation is getting worse rather than better in the absence of independent data. There was no response from WHO to the regime’s claims that it had eliminated the virus.

North Korea has rejected international offers to provide the vaccine, although it is unclear whether Kim and other senior figures in the ruling party have been vaccinated.

His sister announced… North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also got coronavirus



In a speech that was reportedly full of cursing, Kim Yo-jong repeated the unfounded claims that the virus had entered the country through objects sent from South Korea, and claimed that the epidemic was a “hysterical bullshit” initiated by the South to raise border tensions.

“South Korean puppets still smuggle leaflets and dirty objects into our area. We have to be tough to counter that.”

The coronavirus epidemic that started in the country is thought to have spread due to the crowded military parades that Kim Jong has used as a tool of intimidation for years.


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