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Hogwarts Legacy thanks fans for making it the best-selling game of 2023

Hogwarts Legacy sent a special “Thank you” message to its fans when it was named the world’s number one best-selling game of 2023. Role-playing games based on the Harry Potter universe have always been in great demand, and Hogwarts Legacy is a prime example of the successful implementation of this concept. The result was a game that won critical acclaim, sold in huge numbers and became an instant hit, a huge achievement from Avalanche Software. Gamers noted the high quality of the game with impressive sales.


Although the tweet did not confirm the exact number of copies sold, the most recent sales figures for Hogwarts Legacy indicate 22 million copies. The magnitude of the achievement can be emphasized by the following fact: this is the first non-Call of Duty or Rockstar Games game since 2008 to become the world’s best-selling game in a calendar year.




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