Horizon: Forbidden West, new update introduces New Game Plus and much more


On the occasion of the State of Play tonight, we also returned to talk about the news coming for Horizon: Forbidden West . Aloy’s latest adventure is preparing to receive a huge update that introduces the New Game Plus , an Ultra Hard mode and numerous other additions that aim to improve and enrich the gaming experience.

The new transmog feature , for example, will allow players to easily customize the look of equipped outfits to match that of other outfits they own, while a new option will allow players to freely reset and redistribute earned Skill Points .

But that’s not all: the new update will also include a new trophy pack to track your victories as you take on the Forbidden West again in an Ultra Hard New Game +. In addition, a new herbalist who sells animal parts has also been added and temporal anti-aliasing has been changed to improve graphics quality in Performance Mode on PS5 and rendering on PS4 Pro.

The new Horizon: Forbidden West maxi update is available today. 


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