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Horizon Zero Dawn and Gran Turismo will become TV series


This morning we notified you of the announcement of a TV series for Prime Video taken from God of War : well, it would not be the only novelty at Sony PlayStation as regards film and television productions: in fact, there would also be a series on Horizon Zero Dawn is a Gran Turismo route .

The details in this regard are practically non-existent, but it would seem that the President Jim Ryan has announced, precisely, during a business briefing, the development of these three series as a further expansion of the use of IP and videogame franchises in others. contexts, after Uncharted and The Last of Us, and other projects (announced or not) such as Twisted Metal and Ghost of Tsushima.

Unlike God of War, which should arrive on Prime Video (but we do not yet know if the story will start from the first “Olympic” saga or will go directly to the Norse one), Horizon Zero Down will be developed at Netflix. Of Gran Turismo, however, we do not have any kind of indiscretion, despite being the most peculiar project: the first two games are adventures with strongly characterized characters and worlds, while the racing game Polyphony Digital could give rise to several original narrative iter.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn TV show heading to Netflix, while God of War goes to Amazon (


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