Hostile families quarreled in Gaziantep

Ali Köroğlu (19) lost his life and 9 people were injured in the armed fight with knives between 2 hostile families in GAZİANTEP.

The incident occurred in the morning hours in Kozluyazı District. Allegedly, the Köroğlu and Çetin families, who were at enmity due to the land dispute, met and started to argue. The discussion soon grew into a fight using guns, knives, stones and sticks. A Large Number Of Health And Gendarmerie teams were sent to the scene with notice .


The 10 injured people were taken to various hospitals in the city by the medical teams after the first intervention. Ali Köroğlu, who was determined to have been shot with a pistol, died in the private hospital where he was taken. Two of the other injuries were reported to be life-threatening. Meanwhile, the gendarmerie took extensive security measures in the neighborhood. Investigation of the incident continues.


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