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Huawei announces HarmonyOS 3, the third generation of the operating system is coming


HarmonyOS 3 is about to make its debut. It is the operating system created by Huawei , after the company lost the ability to use Android with Google services on its devices. The third generation – as happened for the previous ones – will initially debut only in China , and then gradually arrive in Europe and Italy as well.

HarmonyOS 3 – the company promises – will focus on new features, privacy, security and fluidity of performance. Huawei has announced the new HyperTerminal function , which presents itself as a hub designed to facilitate the management and mutual sharing of the brand’s products. Through HyperTerminal it will be possible to monitor up to 12 different devices: smartphones, computers, tablets, smart home automation, TWS headsets and much more.

HarmonyOS 3 will also improve the performance of multitasking , also improving the fluidity of the function that allows you to play the screen of the Huawei smartphone on the company’s laptops.

Today, Huawei is no longer a leading consumer electronics company in Europe and its products continue to occupy a relatively marginal market share. Yet, with HarmonyOS continuing to make great strides by offering more and more interesting functions, one day the company could return with a leading role in the Western market as well. All that remains is to wait to find out the next moves of the former Chinese giant.


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